Friday, July 29, 2011

. . . after the ellipses

Four weeks in to motherhood and I'm already wondering what the h*ll I've gotten myself into. There is no amount of mental preparation, counseling, or books that can equip one for the utterly selfless act that is becoming a mother. Because this is my first foray into the alien world of parenting, I've decided to put my English degree to work and write about it. Through the haze of sleep deprivation, I will attempt to dispatch my thoughts, however incoherent.

If you are curious, or perhaps offended by the title of my blog, I understand. I will argue, though, that these three objects commingle rather well; one often propagating from another. “Babies,” refers to my dear son, Liam, who entered this world on July 1st, 2011 and who'll be the topic of many posts. “Bikes,” act as broker to the new road I'm traveling. (As cliché as this allegory seems, it works, so suck it.) And “Beer,” represents the reward, not only at the end of the journey, but in stations along the way, at the end of a hard day, and best enjoyed with family and friends.

In this literary undertaking, I'll aim for transparency and candor. I hope to share a bit of my life with you and to entertain you with tales of my fumbling towards parental sufficiency. I realize that some people consider blogs passe and exercises in narcissism, (including myself to a certain degree) but as a reformed housewife . . . I'll need something else to do besides homemaking and childrearing. So, I invite you to hold my baby, pedal along side, and clink your beer glass against mine. Welcome and cheers!